With exams over, I have just less than a week to move home and prepare for my Summer placement. I'm going to be working somewhere where it's incredibly important to look professional and I thought my old gingery-in-some-places-brown-in-others wouldn't cut it. Plus I had about an inch of roots growing in... So instead of bleaching it (again), I decided to go ahead and dye it back to my natural colour. At least I think this is my natural colour, we haven't really seen eachother in a while!

It's Clairol's Nice 'n Easy Permanent Home Hair Dye in Natural Dark Brown. For some reason, I always tend to go for Nice 'n Easy. I also have to always buy two boxes because one won't cover my whole head! It's not that far off black, but nowehere near as harsh as full on black dyed hair. Plus now I can fill my eyebrows in with black shadow without them looking too strange :p . Let me know what you think!

So this is me. Your friendly neighbourhood Aurin. I am an Aurin Esper Explorer (of course I went for the version with cat ears :3). I was lucky enough to receive a 7 day guest pass to Wildstar. If you don't know what that is, where have you been?!  It's a brand new fantasy mmo which takes place on the planet Nexus. I can't go into too much detail because honestly I don't know the whole story but from what I can gather, you've got the Exiles and the Dominion. There's a whole bunch of races that fall under either of these two factions. A long time ago, there were The Eldan, a super advanced alien race who mysteriously disappeared. The Dominion is made up of an empire of classes created by the Eldan race who ultimately wanted to control the galaxy. The Exiles just wanna live their happy lives but they were driven from their homelands by The Dominion and hence, joined forces to kick their butts. When you enter the game, it takes a few missions to make it to nexus but when you get there... OMG it is so beautiful and just so cool. It's so bright and colourful and the moment I saw a stamped of leaping deer-like animals, I knew I would love it. When I play an mmo, I play to explore and complete (so, naturally, I was ecstatic when I realised they had an explorer "path". 

And here we are, our first steps on planet Nexus. The first time I played, I played for hours. It was very addictive. Unfortunately, I couldn't play too much because it's exams seasons (I actually finished this morning, hooray! But I am sad because no Wildstar pass left :( ). 

Combat. Combat is hard. I'm used to GW2 style move and cast, not this stand still and cast bs. A bit of a learning curve for me but I'm sure other mmo enthusiasts have got it down... I literally cannot tell you anything because you guys probably know more than me about this! Atm, as you can see above, I have 3 moves and some sort of special ability. 1 is shooting floating swords at the enemy, 2 is a crazy awesome attack bird and 3 is a knockdown. I can't remember the special ability, I probably forgot to use it!

I thought I'd take a final screenshot with my character window, social and inventory open. Standard stuff really, apart from I couldn't work out how to join a guild. Perhaps you have to get invited by a friend or maybe it's something saved for a higher level, if you know, please let me know in the comments! 

Well, this has been an absolutely terrible review. Probably because I took these screenshots 2 weeks ago and didn't write any notes at the time for this post. The important things to take away are that it's pretty, it's addictive and there's so much to explore. I will probably buy it properly in the future when it goes down a bit in price. I wish I could have tried out some of the PvP though. Then again, I'm useless at Wildstar combat atm so that would be a whole lot of dying in a short space of time! I hope you enjoy the screenshots as they're probably the most informative part of the post :p 
OMG. Today is a great day and though I don't like blogging too often, I just had to make a separate post for this. 

1. Sailor Moon Crystal

Two years ago during the Sailor Moon 20th anniversary event, the creator of the anime announced that they will be putting together a reboot of the original series. Okay, sometimes I am a bit of a snob when it comes to watching programmes with slightly older graphics. Basically, I rarely rewatch shows from my childhood because the graphics are so bad I just can't pay attention... It's not even just anime, I can't watch the old episodes of The Simpsons either!  Now that sounds really stupid, that's because it is... 

Moving on, today we got a glimpse of the first teaser trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal :D 

Isn't it beautiful?! From what I can tell, it's not a straight remake of the original series but it concentrates more on the original manga (which I haven't read :p). There is 26 episodes and they are currently set to premiere on July 5th (I'm guessing that's in Japan but I'm sure you can stream it somewhere online!).

I'm excited. Are you excited? 

2. League of Legends Summoner's Rift Update

For anyone who follows me on Twitter, which you should, you might know that I recently started playing League of Legends. By started playing, I mean decided to play a quick game to see what it's really about which then snowballed into a full blow addiction - not a great idea for to start during exam time! I've played a variety of champions and switch between beginner and intermediate bots (No way am I ready to to play real people, that's scary!). It's fun but I'll probably do an entire post on what I've learnt so far in the future, because atm I'm still a complete n00b. 

Look how pretty they made it! I've been playing for what, like a week now? And this has made me excited to play more. It looks awesome! I've only watched the video and not read into too much detail because let's be honest, I probably wouldn't even understand it! So I have no idea when this will be implemented or if it's anywhere near finished but I am looking forward to it!
On Saturday, we made it just in time to catch the Wildstar talk and I was excited to give it a try. Since then I have acquired a 7 day guest pass and a post on my thoughts on Wildstar will be going up soon! I've also spent most of this week watching KaeyiDream and Martyn (InTheLittleWood)'s adventures in nexus :3. After that, we went to the Ashens and The Quest for Gamechild panel. I can't say I've watched too many of his videos but the person I attended with was a fan. We queued up to meet him and get a signed poster afterwards!

Then it was time to see Kelsey Ellison. I'm 22 and probably shouldn't but spending my time watching teenagers singing and dancing to J-pop and K-pop... But it's like my guilty pleasure! 

Kelsey Ellison (Kimono Time)

Saturday was incredibly busy and I saw some amazing costumes. It also hailed halfway through the day and MCM handled getting people in quickly very badly... But don't get me started on that! I attended the Eurocosplay Qualifiers in the evening. Though the costumes in 1st, 2nd and 3rd were just unbelievable, I was sad that my favourite of the competition didn't even place. This lovely blood elf:

I don't really have that much to say about Saturday, so here's some more pictures:

Kelly Jean and I
Diablo Monk
OMG GW2 Masquerade Armor!!
Original picture taken with Canon EOS 350D

After putting it through Adobe Lightroom
Aaaand then Adobe Photoshop

Hey everyone! I start exams on Monday so have been procrastinating lots by taking and editing pictures. Also, playing a lot of league. It's pretty addictive :| . One day I'd love to stream on Twitch but I'm neither interesting or good at games. Plus my headset makes me sound like I'm in a fishbowl, which is never a good thing. In the rare instance that I might actually want to stream, I need a picture that I can use for my profile and/or offline screen (not that I need any excuse to be vain... I would love to have someone else to take pictures of though). Anyway, I took the first picture with my crappy old Canon and a tripod. Hopefully you guys aren't applying logic to this picture and noticing that I am clearly sitting on my bed and not anywhere within the vicinity of my PC :p. I quite liked the top picture anyway, my skin looked pretty clear considering it was straight out of the camera. 

The second picture is after doing some minor editing in Lightroom. I can do a proper tutorial if anyone is interest (put it in the comments if you are) but I'm self taught, so I'm probably doing things wrong. The order in which I edit my pictures is always:

1. Lens Correction
2. Basic
3. HSL
4. Detail
5. Effects

I don't shoot in RAW and the tone curve confuses me (sometimes I give it a go when I'm feeling brave, but mostly I leave it).

Then I moved it into the Photoshop for some different editing. Nowadays I just use Photoshop for liquify, major edits and healing. I'm sure there are ways to do what I do in Photoshop in Lightroom, but I haven't worked that out yet. In this picture, I fixed my under eye bags a little bit (not completely because it starts to look silly!) and attempted to fix my wonky tooth. Then I added in the septum piercing and tattoos because I really want both of them (not necessarily that tattoo) but I'm scared and not sure my employers would appreciate it! 

If I was going to use this picture more, I'd probably get rid of the Minecraft calendar in the corner and make my hair less frizzy but I honestly don't care that much. Let me know what you think :D !

Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a while. Last weekend I was fortunate enough to get a weekend ticket for MCM Expo in London. In short, it was awesome. I took lots of pictures which was great because I love editing them. On the Friday I actually went alone and still had lots of fun. People were nice and I attended the Square Enix Collective meetup to get lots of pictures and make friends. I also went to a panel on "How to Get Into Cosplay" presented by Granny Gertrude (a familiar name to fellow congoers). 

It was a hell of a lot less busy than the Saturday. If you don't like big crowds or queuing, do not go on the Saturday. If you didn't purchase your ticket in advance, there was a queue going from the side of the Excel Centre down the riverside until opposite Tesco. I heard some of these people got in an hour before closing (that's ridiculous). It hailed too, and the staff were mean enough to not let people in the nearest exit and instead had to queue again round the side of the building (despite having valid wristbands). I think Friday was my favourite day, it's a shame that I'll be working this summer so won't be able to attend the Friday's of LFCC and Hyper Japan. 

Awesome picture of me taken by Wojciech Zuchowski

Some selfies from Instagram

I thought that if I took all my crafting and sewing equipment home, I'd stop fantasizing about potential cosplays... Boy, was I wrong. I put together a Tomb Raider cosplay in the week run up to the event. The bow is made from sticks I found in my friends back garden and the rest is store bought (bandages, necklaces from Burton, vests from Primark, boots I already had, trousers from Sports Direct). I couldn't find my reserve of fake blood anywhere, so instead used food colouring on my face and clothes which worked suprisingly well. I used shoe polish and eyeshadow for dirt, and I still didn't look as gross as I wanted! Looking dirty is hard.

Riirichan, Noodlerella and me

Tabitha Lyons, Spider Trooper and me
I met these cool people on Friday. I feel so tiny compared to everyone, maybe I should just focus on cosplays that require me to wear heels! Stay tuned for posts on the rest of the days :) 
Bit.Trip Presents Runner 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien

pic from vgblogger

This retro rhythm-music side scrolling platforming game is the sequel to Bit.Trip Runner. The basics of the game is to reach the end of the level, collecting gold and plus signs along the way. There are different worlds that vary in difficulty and introduce new moves (slide, kick etc.) and boss battles at the end of world. I believe there is somewhat of an underlying storyline but the way I’ve been playing hasn’t forced me to pay too much attention. The gameplay ties in with the rhythm of the music, hence the name. I’ve been playing it for a few months now after having acquired it from a humble bundle and I just drop in and out when I’m bored and tend to stop when I get too agitated. To put it lightly, it is a rage inducing game and I usually have to talk myself out of not smashing my keyboard through my monitor. It is recommend that the player uses a controller but I’ve been playing with my keyboard just fine – using the arrow keys rather than the wsad options given in the tutorials. I enjoy playing a game where I don’t have to put too much thought into the gameplay or invest too much time in the story, so this is perfect just to open and play every now and then.

Guild Wars 2

GW2 is an mmo that I play all the time but it’s worth mentioning anyway. It has been my first mmo experience and the collector/explorer in me has kept me more than busy in the world of Tyria. I’ve racked up more hours than the people who introduced me to the game a few months ago. I’ve had to settle down recently to avoid affecting my studies. I play a Level 80 human elementalist and can’t see myself creating any more characters in the near future. At the moment, my goals are to reach 100% map completion and finish off my personal story. I still enjoy getting involved with the life stories though! I can’t compare it to other games of the same type, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my GW2 experience so far and it is more than worth the amount I paid.

Final Fantasy XIII

Pic from duose

I bought this yesterday. As a university student in the UK, I am currently home for the holidays which means I have access to my brothers PS3. I have never played a Final Fantasy game and can’t wait to try one. I’ll probably do a review when I finish it, but from what I heard that can take a while.